Warren Buffet Gets a Chance to Change His Opinion About Bitcoin

//Warren Buffet Gets a Chance to Change His Opinion About Bitcoin

Warren Buffet Gets a Chance to Change His Opinion About Bitcoin

Warren Buffett, the Sage of Omaha will get another chance to change his opinion about Bitcoin, the dominant cryptocurrency that he once described as ‘rat poison’ a few years back.

According to a Bloomberg report, the cryptocurrency industry leader, Justin Sun paid a whopping $4,567,888 to win the bid for the 20th-anniversary charity lunch hosted by Warren Buffet.

That figure is representing a record-breaking amount for lunch with the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, the former record from last year stood at $3.46 million. But what could the expensive lunch mean for Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency community?

Well, by winning a lunch with Warren Buffet, one of the world’s greatest investors, Justin Sun may finally get a chance to talk to the anti-Bitcoin lord about the invention and why it is worth thinking about in a positive light.

Also, in his official announcement regarding the charity lunch, Justin Sun revealed that he would invite blockchain industry leaders to meet with the titan of investment, with the hope that the meeting would benefit everyone.

To be clear, the auction allows Justin the bring along seven more people to the prestigious and among those who could get a spot is Bitcoin enthusiast, Anthony Pompliano who has a good record with convincing traditional investment firms to either invest directly into Bitcoin or startups in the industry.

The Morgan Creek Digital CEO earlier this year pull of a record when he convinced two U.S pension funds to invest into a Blockchain Fund offered by his company. Pompliano already indicated interest at joining Sun’s lunch with Buffett and got a lot of endorsement from the crypto community on Twitter.

Hopefully, the high amount spent to secure the lunch with Buffet will yield a positive result for Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto industry.

Would Buffet change his stance on Bitcoin? We’ll answer that at the end of the launch that will soon take place in Smith & Wollensky steakhouse in New York.

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