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Our live support agents are here to help you at all times. Please click on the chat box on the bottom right corner of your screen to speak with a live chat agent now.

Do you have a User Manual for your platform?

Yes, you may download it here. Download

Did Addison Churchill have an ICO and do you have a token?

We did not have an ICO and we do not have a token.  We did not need to do an ICO to open our business as we are self funded.

Can I translate the website?

On the top left of your screen you will see a Translate button.  Please click on the button and choose a flag from your country or a country that speaks your language.

Do you offer Two Factor Authentication?

Yes, we encourage all customers to use it.

Do you offer Over The Counter (OTC) Block Trading?

Yes we do offer OTC services.  Please message one of our live support agents and provide them with your contact details.  One of our OTC specialist will follow up with you.

Do you offer mobile trading?

Yes!  After the ban on crypto related apps by apple and google we decided to offer a mobile web app.  All you need to do is open a web browser on your phone and enter the following link and your account credentials.  We recommend saving the web address to your home screen and bookmark it to your browser.

We are aware the ban was lifted however, we can’t predict the future and we want to do our best to offer you access to the trading platform without disruption.

What is the "Open Book" and why does it matter?

The “Open Book” is a anonymous display of all available liquidity in a given trading instrument.  In simple terms, it is a tool we provide on the trading platform that displays the bids and offers with prices and quantity from all of the participants on our platforms.

This is useful when you want to get an idea of the depth of market in an instrument. (We are proud to say that you will see that our depth of book has more liquidity than any other exchange, this means you can buy or sell larger quantities of different crypto assets at very reasonable spreads thus creating you a lower cost to enter and exit trades.)

Do employees of Addison Churchill own and trade cryptocurrency?

We believe it may become a conflict of interest should employees of our company speculate in the crypto markets while providing trading services to customers.  We maintain strict internal policies prohibiting employees of Addison Churchill from speculating in the market.  Employees and their families are not permitted to own cryptocurrency while employed by Addison Churchill.

What are the options to deposit or withdraw cash via a bank or money remittance?

We are working with multiple financial institutions to set up fiat services and expect to provide access to fiat in or by February 2019.

Is Addison Churchill Corp related to Addison Churchill LTD? What are the differences?

There are common owners . Addison Churchill LTD is solely a foreign exchange trading company and does not provide services to the general public.

Addison Churchill Corp offers Crypto services and is open to the general public.  It is managed by financial market Wall Street veterans with decades of experience in capital markets, corporate finance, asset management and trading; including foreign exchange and equities.

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