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How much money can you make per month as an Ambassador ?

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For a limited time EVERY customer at Addison Churchill has the opportunity to become an Ambassador. Ambassadors earn money by sharing commission revenue from new accounts referred to Addison Churchill who open a account and trade. There are no upfront fees to join, no monetary commitments and no strings attached.

” Become an Ambassador by opening your account, sharing your Ambassador link and taking the Ambassador pledge

What do Ambassadors get Paid and How?

Ambassadors share commission revenue for every customer the Ambassador refers plus referrals from customers you refer who become Ambassadors and even customers they refer! In summary Ambassadors can earn money from 3 tiers of referrals. Commissions earned real time and added to your account at Addison Churchill daily. If you want to become an Ambassador and you don’t have an account please contact our online support team.


Tier 1 Direct Referral


Tier 2 Direct Referral


Tier 3 Direct Referral


The Ambassador Pledge:

  • Live and lead by the mission statement of Addison Churchill
  • Promote the growth of the crypto trading community by ethical and moral means
  • Educate, communicate and have fun!

Our Ambassador program is available for a limited amount of time, however, once you become an Ambassador you will continue to get paid for as long as you have an account with us.


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